Ditch the Diets Discovery Call

I offer FREE 45-60 minute Ditch the Diets Discovery Calls for all women who are looking for support with their health.

On these calls, we’ll chat about your challenges, barriers, experiences, goals, and I’ll offer you direction to move forward. If after chatting, it sounds like you may be a good fit for working with me inside of my program, then I’ll ask you if you’d like to learn more about what that would look like and give you all the fun details. My program isn’t right for everyone, if that’s the case then I will refer you to other practitioners or professionals who may be better suited for you.

These are high value personal 1:1 calls with me (not a call center). I take time out of my busy weeks to take these calls with women across the country because it is my mission to support women in finding peace with food and their bodies and confidence with their health in a way that doesn’t involve things like dieting, counting calories, or restricting food. There is no judgement or pressure on these calls and I will always hold space for you and your feelings.