In a nutshell without going into too much detail…I take a unique approach to nutrition and health, that is different than the norm (although I hope one day it will be the norm!). I believe that health is so much more than just diet and exercise but everything. Our environment, genetics, mental health, social, emotional, self-love, physical movement, food, and so much more. I take a strong anti-diet and anti-diet culture approach and believe that health is about so much more than weight and that weight is not a good sole determinant of health. For that reason, we do not focus on weight loss in my program but on nourishing the body so that you can feel and function your best. My practice focuses heavily on unlearning diet culture misinformation and relearning proper health and nutrition information and how to nourish your unique body with confidence. I integrate many intuitive eating principles into my practice along with other important nutrition/health aspects like balancing blood sugar and mindful eating. I also strongly believe in research and evidence and I’ve built my program around this because proper education equals empowerment.

No, I believe that health and nutrition is absolutely individual to each person due to our bio-individuality. I do not believe in applying labels or following certain “diets”. Instead, I teach you how to create your OWN PERSONALIZED healthy lifestyle that works for no one else except YOU.

I will never ask for your weight. You are welcome to share if it you desire but by no means is this something I require. And yes absolutely, I promote a weight inclusive practice and programs! 

No I do not provide strict meal plans. Instead, I educate and coach you on how to find the foods that work best with your body and how to build your own meals and plans. I believe in empowering you to take control of your own health rather than having to rely on a nutritionist or diet to give you a meal plan. In my programs, I do provide recipes and sample ideas to help inspire you as well as ways in which you can find more recipe inspiration.

  • Understanding cravings and how to manage them the right way 
  • Food freedom/peace and how to include ALL foods from the nutrient spectrum in your diet, without giving anything up 
  • How to decrease fear around certain foods like carbs or sweets 
  • How to listen to your hunger and fullness in order to know when and how to feed/nourish your body
  • How to have a positive relationship with food 
  • How to have a positive relationship with your body (body peace) 
  • Nutrition education on things like blood sugar, macronutrients, and micronutrients 
  • Binge eating and how to manage binges more effectively 
  • How to eat healthy without diets and leave diets behind for good 
  • How to eat without counting calories, tracking food, or tracking macros
  • How to stop feeling guilty after eating 
  • How to stop obsessing over food 24/7
  • How to eat mindfully 
  • How to find ways to move your body/exercise without doing it to earn/burn food
  • What diet culture is and how it’s so profoundly impacted your mind and health in a negative way, and how you can break free 
  • Bio-individuality and why it’s important to personalize the way you nourish your body 
  • Finding your happy healthy weight and stabilizing it and reducing dangerous yo-yoing (weight cycling)

I am not a weight loss coach or weight loss centered practice. I do not believe weight is an accurate measurement of true health and nourishment. As an anti-diet nutritionist, I am strongly against forced weight loss through unhealthy means like calorie restriction, starvation, cutting out food groups like carbs, etc. Evidence shows weight loss via diet methods does not last and frequently results in the weight being gained back (often even more than was lost). I am also against societal pressures around thin ideals and being small equating to health. 


HOWEVER, I do help clients find their stable, healthy, and happy weight. A weight that doesn’t go through drastic ups and downs (what often happens through dieting). Weight cycling is dangerous for health so finding a stable place for your weight is what we focus on. A stable, healthy, happy weight is one where you aren’t restricting yourself, feeling hungry all the time, etc. 

No. I am not a qualified eating disorder practitioner and do not currently work with clients with diagnosed and active eating disorders. You need a unique care team for this and I encourage you to visit NEDA for support around eating disorders. However, I do work with women who may have disordered eating behaviors like worrying about calories, overeating, or feeling guilty about eating things like chocolate. If you’re unsure if you can work with me, you can always schedule a complimentary Discovery Call and we can chat through it.

We can discuss investment options on a Discovery Call, if I determine you’re the right fit for my program (not everyone is). The current range for investment is $700 to $1500, with payment plans available as well as options for those suffering from financial hardship. I encourage you to get on my email list where I frequently offer discounts.

No, I do not accept insurance at this time. I do offer flexible payment plans.

Yes! You can get free information including tips and strategies on my Instagram page @nutritionistalexa. I also have a free Facebook group where I offer additional resources including live trainings and discussions. You can request to join the group HERE. I also offer valuable information in my emails on a weekly basis. You can join my email list HERE and get instant access to my free Cravings Guide.

Currently, I only work with women inside of my online nutrition program The Confident Nourishment Method. This program is not right for all women so you must first book a Discovery Call with me so we can chat about your struggles and goals and determine if you’re a good fit.

I am open to a variety of partnerships. I have experience working with brands for sponsored posts as well as experience in corporate wellness where I provide 60 minute nutrition education videos and cooking classes. Please visit my Business Collaborations page for more info.