Eat Healthy Without Counting Calories 7-Day Jumpstart

Eat Healthy Without Counting Calories 7-Day Jumpstart ($97 USD)

Mini-Course E-Book

Fed up with the stress of counting and tracking calories? Ready to eat healthy with more peace and confidence but not sure where to start? The 7-Day Jumpstart can help you get started today! It’s great gentle start to your journey to eating healthy without diets, shifting towards more intuitive eating & eating with less stress. Experience a week of eating that is completely free from stress or worry about calories. No counting calories, no tracking calories, no logging food into an app or journal. Just reconnecting with your body and learning how to listen and trust yourself to eat intuitively.

Calories are a huge stressor for many women when it comes to eating. As an Anti-Diet Holistic Nutritionist, I hear it time and time again. It definitely used to be a big stressor for me back in my dieting days! I wish I knew back then what I know now…that it is in fact possible to eat healthy without counting calories! I designed this short mini-course e-book as a way to help women learn exactly how to do this. It’s filled with all the things I wish I had known. The tools, the strategies, the guidance. All neatly packaged up into easy to digest daily lessons and action task to help you transform not only your habits but also your mindset. These are the same tools and strategies I use with my clients to get results.

This is for you if you…

  • are fed up with counting calories & doing math at mealtimes
  • are tired of tracking calories in a journal or app like myfitnesspal
  • feel like calories control you & your eating choices
  • feel guilty if you go over a certain number of calories at a meal or in a day
  • are following calorie limits per day but are still finding yourself constantly hungry or eating every 1-2 hours

And you desire…

  • freedom from counting or tracking calories
  • eating in peace without worrying or thinking about calories
  • more confidence eating healthy
  • going out to dinner & ordering what sounds good vs the low-cal/light option
  • feeling more in control with food & your healthy lifestyle
  • feeling more full + satisfied throughout the day


  • Gorgeous 40 page workbook filled with helpful tips and daily lessons/action tasks on exactly how to eat healthy without counting calories
  • 25+ delicious recipes (recipes include some of my all-time favorites like Chickpea Chocolate Chip Blondies, Zuppa Toscana Soup, Peanut Butter Pad Thai, and Easy Taco Pasta)
  • Full 7-day sample meal plan with grocery list designed to maximize your budget with repeating ingredients and minimize cooking/prep time by using leftovers from dinners for next day lunches! Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert.
  • Professional guidance on how to customize recipes and the meal plan to fit YOUR unique bio-individuality, needs, and preferences (I’m not about generic one-size-fits all diet plans)
  • Support & accountability via a private Facebook community run by Anti-Diet Nutritionist Alexa


  • May reduce stress, fear, and anxiety around food, calories, & eating
  • May reduce obsessive thoughts about food, eating, and calories
  • Reduce cravings, binges, and overeating
  • ​May reduce guilt with food and eating
  • Improve meal satisfaction and satiation and decrease feelings of constant hunger
  • ​May improve mood and energy
  • ​May improve confidence with eating and making healthy choices
  • Know how much to eat based on your unique body
  • Understand when to eat based on your unique body